Jackson Grant

The absolute front runners

Strap in, prepare the thumbs and hit play.

There is no formula, and these aren't your usual antics.

People are bat shit crazy, and I'm so here for that.

Righto.. lets start with some old pearlers. Scroll down ploise.

Now.. lemme run ya through it. The getting ready stage ain’t as vanilla as ya think.

Some couples wanna peep before the ceremony. These are called first looks, but they ain’t for erry’body.

Hate to break it to ya hun, but it ain’t actually all about you two. Here’s what ya don’t see.

Yeah yeah we’ll nail the smooch and walkin’ down the aisle shots don’t you worry.

Props. Not necessary, but highly encouraged.

Can confirm - totes capable of the bridesmaid shots, just prefer to maximise dance floor time.

Annnnnd here comes the ol’ iPhone lockscreen shot..

Betta’ drizzle? Least of ya worries. Got some clear umbrellas in the ute.

Beware, the little rascals.

Last but not least.. let the reception commence. God you lot are nek lev. The oldies dance better obviously.