Name's Jackson. A people person and snapper with an evident passion for not just love, but Parmigianas and local music too. Since moving to the big smoke, I was adamant to balance life with passion. I was fortunate to give University a crack, before realising it wasn't for me. I was fortunate to pick up a retail job, before realising that wasn't for me either. Keeping a roof over my head meant making up my mind, and making up my mind meant taking a chance. The trust that loved ones see in what I create helps to pay that off. There is no guarantee that people who follow my work want to see any of it, but I make it anyway because as an independent creator I am motivated by the impulse to see my ideas to their realisation.


With photography, I'll stick around for eight to nine hours for 3500. No matter what your audience, you'll be guaranteed 400 snaps, with plenty of extras coming your way. Screw packages and limitations. You're allowing me to take my craft God knows where, so for weddings within Australia, I'm not going to charge for travel either, that's a little silly. You can be assured that each and every selection is individually edited by yours truly, and returned to you both digitally and physically within a month. Read here for further insight.

With videography, I'll also stick around for eight to nine hours for 3500. If you're after both photo and video, my best mate tags along with me! We make four to six minute long highlight reels, which captures the big day in a non-invasive manner. The length is dependent on the duration of the chosen song. Not to worry, we've got a pretty fine music taste. You're gonna' want to read more here too.


I stepped into this thing around 2014, and damn have I got some stories. From getting stuck in the middle of a Greek Zorba dance, to admittedly being too invested in a fathers speech that I forgot to photograph him. Who knows what will happen next, that's the wild thing about this self-directed pursuit.

Whether it's early days or last minute, I want to put faces to names before the big day. My attention is consistent to make sure no detail too small is neglected. Wherever the two of you reside, I'll happily meet you halfway or put time aside for a Skype or FaceTime call. Get in touch, and let's get to work.


For the first eighteen years of my life, you'd find me on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. I now call Melbourne home, West Footscray to be exact. If you're planning on tying the knot elsewhere, don't think I'm afraid of flying now. Car, boat, plane? I'll see you there. Don't worry about the expenses that follow.


Look, there are a lot of us out there. Some fall into wedding documentation accidentally, and some do on purpose. I've partially got my Mum to thank. She was a Florist for over a decade before passing her business on to her best friend. Each day after school I sat in the back of the shop waiting for Mum to close her doors as well as doing the occasional bouquet deliveries with Dad, and due to this, I was exposed to all kinds of love from such a young age. Oh, and have you noticed all florists smell the same? Weird.

No two weddings are the same. Taking a commercial approach toward my work just wouldn't feel right, what you see here stems strictly from passion. I could never forget that this type of documentation is timeless. It's integral for me to capture the feelings that are evoked from your day, to ensure you feel the same way fourty, fifty, sixty years later upon reflecting.

I spent too long running from comparison and desensitisation to realise that I've only got a certain amount of time here, so my heart is in the front seat from the get go. Like no joke, I get this weird heartache quiver in the front seat on my way to each wedding as I lip-sync an entire album from ‘The War on Drugs’ perfectly. Honestly give this a listen.