James and Damians Wedding, Abbotsford VIC

‘We got together in 2001, and we've been pretty devotedly in love with each other since then, so it was a long road to marriage. We lived in London for nearly a decade of that time, and we contemplated getting married over there - but we really wanted to do it back home in Melbourne, alongside our friends and families. So we came home, and we got very actively involved in campaigning for marriage equality to try and make it a reality (Damian's Grandma and family got very involved too, with articles in Woman's Day, and a letter read out in Federal Parliament). 

Marriage for us was less about a validation of our love for each other - we're pretty solid in that department already - and more about us wanting to share the depth of our love for each other with our friends and family. And, after many  years of waiting for it to be possible, and all those months of campaigning, it delivered.’

Jackson Grant