Tell me more about your films, and make up your mind Jackson, how long will my film actually be?

Woah woah, ease up tiger! The length is dependent on how your day unfolds, and the duration of the chosen song. You can be assured it'll be between four to six minutes long. My ears are open to suggestions, but not to worry, I've got a pretty fine music taste too. Just like my photos, I'll send this across within thirty days as well. If you're into the geeky stuff, it's a 1920 x 1080 high resolution .MP4 file, suitable for all your electronics. I heard you can even watch it on the telly!


What do you come home with, and how do you edit?

My cameras are usually full to the brim by the end of the night. I cull an album down to around 400 favourites. I'd never put restrictions on the final outcome by keeping out a crowd favourite. If there is more, there is more, I do not charge for this. You won't be getting anything artificial either, as I do not agree with, nor have a background in skin retouching (click here for some homework). I believe that part of a photographers job is to curate a fitting mood that they noticed throughout the couples day through careful consideration. The job is not complete as soon as the cameras are put down.


Can we throw a bit of our direction into the mix?

Hey I won't stop you from being Pinterest savvy, but chances are my imagery resonated with you for a reason darl. I'm all ears, but wanting a photographer to replicate another creatives work gets us a little withdrawn. We've all got our own stylistic preference. In saying this, I do not provide unedited images upon request and will not allow for my photographs to be edited any further.


We're camera shy!

And you wonder why I'm behind the lens? Don't worry team, we're in this together. Half the time you won't even know I'm around. I like to allow a good 45 with both parties getting prepared, and an hour between the ceremony and reception for when we duck off.


Anything else the two of us should be aware of?

I'll keep it simple. Yes, you'll receive the same album in both web resolution and print resolution. No I won't send you the raw files. A good feed during the reception is appreciated. Eight hours typically cuts the mustard, it really comes down to when formalities finish, and how drunk your folks get. We seal the deal with a deposit of five hundred buckeroos. I'll shoot rain or shine. Group photos, tick! Family photos, tick! If something is still on your mind, please express this using the contact form below.